LIFE: The "HANGOUT" Time..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

..THE WORK..Shish~ Man~ Even something as innocuous as a mole knows how tired it was to dig a hole in the ground..Sigh..Honestly, perhaps, I really need to RE-SCHEDULE my work plan in order for me to take rests in between all of the given works.. It seems that almost every minutes and seconds the works keeps on coming in to me during my resting periods.. And to be honest with ya, my brain is totally DRAINED out of ideas..Nevertheless, gotta be like one of the PROFESSIONAL guys..Drained or no drained, gotta give the best that I've got..Dang~ Hard works does need some sacrifice..Man~ Don't try to argue with me on that matter..Hahaha..Gotta admit, PASSION is really the key to success in terms of work..So damn TRUE~ and of course, monetary reward would be the second in-line..Hahaha..Nobody could deny that..Duh~ Anywhoo~ Like any of our working days, we kinda "LEPAKS" at our parking lot area right after our de-briefing session.. Although it was kinda tiring day...

Now, this time, our "LEPAKS" moment gonna be slightly different from any of our "LEPAK-AT-THE-PARKING-LOT" moment..Hahaha..THE DIFFERENCE FOR THIS TIME: We've got an AMATEUR photographer at work.. which means, its "POSE" time..Hahaha..Man~ If only I had a high-end camera, I would love to take pictures of almost anything except for the "PORNOGRAPHY"..Duh~ Hahaha.. Anywhoo~ Did pose a little bit for the camera though..Not much pictures were taken but AT LEAST we've got something to remember about..Hehehe..One of the OGDC's visitor (a guy) did asked our "PHOTOGRAPHER" to take a picture of the visitor himself..Kinda looks like a very "HAPPY" guy though..WEIRD~

Man~ The skies were getting darker that afternoon and we're still there for god's sake.. Wargh~ I think it's time to make our move before something "BAD~" happenned to us.. Well, it's re-schedule time..Hehehe..

P/S: Taking a picture during "DAWN" time was really kewl especially with the lightings and all..Hehehe..

LEISURE: Movie Night Out..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

..LET'S WATCH..Sigh..There'll be days where you just wanna go out and have some fun throughout the day JUST with your closest friends..Emm..Well, frankly speaking, that was what has actually happened to all of us last night..Sigh..Almost all of us went for the movie except for Albert, Tommy, Maria and AJ..Anywhoo~The actual plan was to watch "HELL BOY" at the Empire theatre with a SPONSORSHIP from the boss..Hehehe..The movie started at 5.45pm and ended around 7++ in the evening..Man~ The movie was kinda cool though especially with the special effects that they've made in the movie itself..But I kinda find that there's something missing in the movie itself..Can't find the hype from it..Anyways, all and all, the movie was great though..Not much laughter from it though except for a little "SCREAMING" for those who loves action..Hahaha..

..SPENDING TIME.. Thought we were just gonna home right after the movie time..NOT~ Hahaha..Next destination, of course the mall lah~ Hahaha..Did bought a cool sweater though..Cheap one only..Not much money left..Bankruptcy again..Hahaha..Anywhoo~ Right after showing our shopping skill at the mall, we then decided to go to Jerudong's food stall..Man~ I'm craving for the bishop's nose..Wuhuu~

..EAT THEM..As we arrived at the food stall, dozens of motorcyclists were seen parked along the car park area.. Man~ It was so cool..Hehehe.. We then tried to find a place where there's no cat at all as Fizah was afraid of "THEM"..Man~ The food was so delicious although it was cheap cheap..Hahaha..Despite of the cat all around the food stall, gotta admit that Fizah could still control herself and eat calmly..Coz the last time she met with the cat, she jumped off the ground and hang herself on the hand rail..Hahaha..

..HOME ALAS..Man~ I'm bloated and can barely walked even if you ask me too..Dang~ We really had a lot of food..Anyway, gotta send the two "VIRGIN" ladies back to their home ASAP before their dad waiting for me outside their house..Hahaha..Thank god my comfy chair gives me the comfort throughout my journey back to Seria..It took me less than an hour to reach my home sweet home..

P/S: Next movie would be THE MUMMY..Heheheh..

GREETING: It's Brit Brit Supiah B'Day..

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dang~ This TWENTY-FIVE-YEARS-OLD Britney wannabe looks like the kind of girl that you don't wanna be in a mess with..Hahahaha..THE REASON: Coz she's the ONLY Britney wannabe in Brunei who has a belt in Karate-Do..Hahaha..Care to try??..Hahahha..Well, just celebrated her 25th birthday with all of us though..Man~ She was quite surprised though..Anywhoo~ Earlier on, we did told her that there will be a meeting right after the outreach programme..Man~ Honestly, she did confessed that she was f*****g seriously angry when we told her that..Hahaha..Thus, as soon as the meeting started, we then brought the cake in the room..Hahaha..Gotcha..

..PRESENT TIME..The cake wasn't just the only surprise that we've prepared for her..In fact, there's another one..Hehehe..For the past few weeks, she has told us that she was searching for a second-hand car..Well, we kinda "FULFILL" her dream by bringing in the "CAR" just for her..Hahahha..What a surprise for her when we offered her an "ILLEGAL" contract of the..."PEDAL GO-KART"..Hahahaha..She was presented with a key as well as a contract for her to sign..Hahaha..She then cut the "PINK" ribbon on the go-kart..Hahahha..Didn't get a shot of her picture though..Very fast movement..

..LET'S EAT..Now, the surprise ends..It's feasting time..Hahahah..The cake were divided into pieces and distributed amongst us.. Drinks such as coca cola and green tea were also served on the table..No fancy food though..Just JUNK food were only allowed during the birthday celebration..Hahaha..Right~

P/S: We're still waiting for your "CHEESE" cake and "BATEK" cake..Heheheh..

WORK: Exposing The Science..

..REACHING OUT..Today wasn't just like any of our Mondays compulsory off day..Today was a little bit different and special for all of us..Coz today was the day where we're having our outreach programme in Sg Liang Primary School..Wuhuu~ Now, for those who doesn't really know what does this outreach programme of ours means, well, this is what we called as "MENEROKA DUNIA SAINS" where we will be bringing knowledges about sciences and technologies to the selected school..The kids will be able to learn and explore the world of science through the activities that we've conducted for them..Anywhoo~ Normally, only SELECTED people will be going for this outreach programme but ABNORMALLY, this time, JUST FOR THIS TIME, almost of us went for the outreach programme..Weird~ Hahahha..But kewl..Hehehe..Thank god it was approved..Anywhoo~ Some of us departed from OGDC as early as 7.30 in the morning and only a few of us came a bit later.. which includes Iskandar, Liza, Nizam and me..Hehehe..Although we missed the opening speech but it's okay..At least we do not have to wait for the long speech..Hehehe..As we arrived at the school, we started to venture around the school..and you know what that means..It's picture time..

..ACTIVITIES IN PROGRESS..The activities were conducted in almost every corner of the school..Classes, Foyer, Hall and etc..Man~ Now I understand why almost all of us went for the MDS..As we entered the main entrance of the school, we bumped into a group of kids under the "MIND CONTROLLED" of Maria and Nisa.. Hehehe.. Man~ The kids look so cute.. Especially when you saw the little girls with their cute pony tails..So adorable..Started to take some pictures of them with my brand new camera..Hehehe..Cheap cheap only..Hehehe..Then we moved on to the school hall..Dang~ It was hot but the kids doesn't seem to mind at all, which means that they were really interested into the stuff that we've brought for them..Hehehe..The kids were seen running here and there trying almost every of our exhibits especially the finger tingler where the kids could feel the "SHOCK" of their life..Hahahaha..

..CLASS IN CLASS..As we're done with the HALL, we then let ourselves roamed around the school from classes to classes..Man~ All of the kids were so adorable especially when there was this time where I was asked to help out in one of the conducted activities..The kids were so obedient and playful too..Took a picture of them with their work..Hehehe..There was this one time where we were passing by this particular class and we kinda took a peep through the window..As we passed by the door, a kid came out from the door and "HUSHED" us out..What?? Honestly, there was no word at all came out from our mouth and he suddenly hushes us out??..Hahaha.. Man~ It's either the kid is crazy or he's just being playful..Really adorable though..Hehehe..Then there was this class where they were busy making this "BIRD IN A CAGE" activity..Suddenly, a group of kids smiled at me..Emm..Weird smiles..Hehehe..Then, one of the kids approached me and told me that they were smiling about my hair which "LOOKS" like a "DURIAN" to them..which is "NOT".. Hahahaha.. I was really amused and took a picture of them..Hahahaha..

..THE GAMES..During this MDS, we've also conducted some activities for the teachers..This time, the activity was all about "WATER CARRIER" where the divided groups of teachers will have to construct a device to carry an amount of water from one point to another point with the use of only old newspaper and a cello tape I think..Hehehe..Quite a tricky activity for them though..Hehehe..Anywhoo~ The constructions of the devices were conducted in the teacher's staff room under the control of Alimin and Hilfi.. Didn't got the chance to take their picture while they were constructing their devices though as I came a bit late to the room..Hehehe..As all of the devices were COMPLETO, they all were then brought to the school sport's court by Alimin..Now, it's time for them to try out their devices..Hehehe..While the teachers were carrying the water to their own respective bucket, suddenly, all the kids rushes out from the hall and their classrooms.. Man~ It was like releasing the animals from the zoo especially when you could hear the kids "CHANTING" about something..Hahaha..All of the kids then sat on the sides of the course while watching their teachers "CHEATING" on the game..Hahaha..Man~ Cheating was OBVIOUSLY there but who cares..All were just a game to them..Hehehe..

..HAPPY TIMES..Right after the "WATER CARRIER" activity, now, its time for the "WATER ROCKET"..An activity that everyone has been waiting for and also the last activity for all of them..It was conducted just for the students from Primary 5 & 6 I think..Not very quite sure about that though but I'm pretty sure they were old enough to build the water rocket..Hehehe..I still remember myself building a water rocket for the school when I was 14 to 15 years old..Hehehe..Anywhoo~ The kids started to rush themselves on the court without remembering that some of them forgot to wear their shoes..Hahaha..The first water rocket launched was from our side and HELL YEAH it goes VERY VERY FAR indeed..Wuhuu~ The kids were like HURRAY-ING and honestly, I haven't seen that far though throughout my water rocket's life..Hahaha..Then it's the student's turn..Everybody was trying to defeat our rocket..And guess what?? They did..CONGRATS..One did get far enough to beat us until it fell onto the flat's roof..Quite impressive I must say..Very intelligent..

..PACKING UP..Man~ What a very very long day for all of us.. Especially with the heats and the flies all over the school..Sigh.. Just loved the hype and the happiness from the kids.. Really gonna miss that school..They were all so awesome and intelligent..Well, now its time for all of us to pack our things up..Although I didn't got the chance to help them packing things up though coz gotta prepare something for someone..Hehehe.. A special one..

P/S: Honestly, the kids were wild enough to be "RELEASED" into the jungle but they were also "SMART" in a way..Hehehehehe..